Model Portfolios

Photographing the nude is as old as photography itself and with photography being more popular than ever there are 100's of photographers in your area looking for models to shoot.
A nude model can earn £60 per hour or more and being your own boss means you can book your shoots to fit in around job or family commitments.
Its difficult to know where to start but here at Nudecube we can offer you a complete starter package that will get you well on your way to your new modelling career. We provide you with....

* Portfolio photo shoot and you could even get your images for free

* Advice on how to get modelling jobs and where to promote yourself

* Assembling your models 'kit bag' so you are ready for even the most unprepared photographer.

* How to stand out from the crowd to get even more bookings

* Continuing advice all the way through your modelling career - we are only a phone call away!

During the photo shoot we will guide you through many poses giving continual posing hints and tips to get the best out of your images and its also a great time for you to ask as many questions as you like about being a model.

This complete package is available for as little as £50 which isn't much considering you could earn that back with your first modelling job.

Click on the black 'BOOK NOW' tab on the left, choose a date and time for your photoshoot, pay your deposit and we are all set to go.

We have three different options to choose from...

Shoot Preparation

Shoot preparation - PLEASE READ



* First and foremost all models must be over 18 years old - NO EXCEPTIONS

* Photo ID must be shown to the photographer prior to the shoot.

* Nudity is an integral part of the shoot. If you want some nice fluffy photos to show your granny then there are hundreds of high street photographers that can do that for you. Remember - Nude doesn't mean rude, graphic or explicit, it just means nude.

* You have been asked to pay a non returnable deposit of £25 to guarantee your attendance to your shoot. 'No Shows' are unacceptable

* Although the booking time is two hours you will generally only be modeling for about an hour.  The remaining time will be spent explaining about the shoot and helping you start your career off in the best possible way.

* Bring a basic make-up bag - mirror, hair brush, eye make-up, a bit of lip stick maybe. Natural and neutral colours. Nothing major as just a little bit of make-up is required for the shoot.

* Nails - Please make sure your nails are neat and tidy and clean. They don’t have to be long and perfectly manicured but just well presented.

* Please do not put on any tight underwear as the marks left on the skin by bra straps and knicker elastic can take ages to fade away.

* Bring a big baggy jumper or T-shirt to slip on and off in between shots.

* Bikini area - This is completely up to you, these are your photos but as general rule completely waxed/shaved is best as the 'natural' look can often draw viewers eyes towards that area.

Last, but not least....

* Please turn up to your photo shoot with a smile