Teodora Stamenković nude artist

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Teodora Stamenković - Zone Red

An artist in Serbia has made heads turn in central Belgrade after she performed her latest installation by walking through the city center slowly removing items of clothing...

Covered top to toe in only red body paint, Teodora Stamenković strolled the streets during her performance called "Zone Red"

I already have an idea for a similar piece on the streets on Tunbridge Wells. I wonder if the locals will be as tolerant...  Only one way to find out!

Maya Nakanishi nude calendar

This is quite a remarkable story.

Japanese Paralympic athlete Maya Nakanishi has released a nude calendar to help raise additional funds to get her to the London 2012 Paralymics this summer. 

Here in the UK, sponsorships and funding schemes like the National Lottery help many of our athletes prepare for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, but in some countries that funding isn't always there.

Its not as if the 27 year old ex tennis player is a complete novice, she won a fourth place in the Paralympic 200m in Beijing and a sixth place in the Paralympic 100m.  She also competes in the long jump but despite being so close to a medal last time around, she's struggled to get the necessary funding to compete at the major events around the world.

In a statement on her blog, Nakanishi said: "I don't regret having become nude. I'm very happy that I was able to show Maya Nakanishi as I am."